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Guidelines for Talktime

  1. The Talktime programme at Together Foundation has two objectives. The first objective is for the adult to be comfortable, aware and comprehend the events that go around him/ her. It is very important to be able to relate with the things that happen around you and to be able to talk about it, share your experiences and bring it to life in your own unique way.
  2. The second objective is to empower expressive communication skills and build language.
  3. The Talktime programme covers the regular things that happen around us that all of us see and experience every day through the year.
  4. It covers topics like the monsoon season and summer vacation. It covers festivals like Diwali, Holi and Christmas. It covers topics like a visit to a hotel and visit to the doctor. It also brings to life, memories of going for a picnic or a special outing.

How we began!

  1. We started the Talktime programme by first sitting in a big circle with some objects and pictures and tried to encourage conversation on a single topic like Ganesh Chaturthi.
  2. We shifted to an I-Pad, loaded pictures and tried to encourage conversation building through that.
  3. Then we hit gold and introduced the projector screen. The larger than life pictures became a huge success and we had an outstanding response.
Level 1
  1. We made picture-based presentations, showed them on the projector screen and took them through the presentation repeatedly. This was followed by asking the adult to make the same presentation to the co-worker with the help of pictures/objects if required. 
  2. For example, Ganpathi talktime is done for three weeks as a run up to Ganesh Chaturthi. Every adult, verbal or non-verbal is encouraged to communicate on that topic with the help of the pictures.
  3. A tray of objects or pictures is always kept at that time to assist the adult, particularly non-verbal in making the presentation on that topic.
Level 2

Once the adult gets a chance to become comfortable with a topic, the co-worker gives the screen remote in the hands of the adult and steps back. The adult was encouraged to navigate the presentation at his/her own pace.

Level 3

In Level 1 and 2, the presentation was shown one slide/one picture. In Level 3, 6 pictures were collated and shown together at one time. The adult was encouraged to make the presentation in his/her own way.

Level 4

As a culmination to this exercise, we presented pictures on two topics simultaneously. The screen showed 2 topics of 6 pictures. We asked the adult to choose which topic, he/she would like to talk about and make a presentation on the same topic.

Teaching aids needed for Talktime programme

  • Clear screen – Computer/phone/laptop for visuals to be represented.
  • A tray of objects or pictures that will support the adult in comprehending as well as making the presentation.
  • Encourage the adult to sit or stand in a place without moving around, have a proper place either to sit or stand so that focus is greater.
  • Build a relaxed environment. There are no fixed answers. Please allow for flexibility in communication.
  • Every Talktime session always culminates with experience building. For example, if it is monsoon, you eat hot corn or spray water to show rain at the end of the talk. If it is Navratri, the adult will play dandiya at the end of the talk. It should always come at the end of the talk so that the adults know that there is something to look forward to which is going to be fun.

Demo Videos

Talktime Together – Playlist

  • Talktime Diwali Level 1 Through Sign Language/ Pointing
  • Talktime Diwali Level 1 (Verbal)
  • Talktime Monsoon Level 1 with Shop Management Trainee
  • Talktime Ganpati Level 3 Demo 1
  • Talktime Ganpati Level 3 Demo 2
  • Talktime Ganpati Level 3 Demo 3
  • Talktime Monsoon, Independence Day, Christmas Level 4 Demo 1
  • Talktime Ganpati, Diwali, Christmas Level 4 Demo 2
  • Talktime Christmas, Diwali, Independence Day Level 4 Demo 3
  • Talktime My favourite things
Teaching Programmes are conceptualised by Sangeetha Chakrapani, Founder/Chief Co-worker, Together Foundation. For feedback/questions, write to