Alternative and Augmentative Communication


Sample AAC Book

Guidelines for AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication)

  • Together Foundation underwent training with Vidya Sagar Special Education Centre, Chennai in AAC- Alternative and Augmentative Communication in 2017. We adapted the learnings for people with autism and brought out the AAC book.
  • The AAC book walks through the small and big requirements that a person with autism is likely to experience on a daily basis. It serves as a support and reminder to ask for what one needs.
  • The AAC book covers our lives right from the time we wake up to brush out teeth, use the washroom, have breakfast, go to work, connect with family members, eat out in a hotel, visit the doctor and also allows a person to talk about things that make him/her uncomfortable.
  • An example of problems a person may face that can be helped with use of AAC book – what if the jet spray in the washroom is not working, what if there is no toothpaste in the tube, what if you want to talk to your family member, what if you want to eat only puri and not chapati when you are at a hotel?
  • The AAC book can and must be customized to the needs of the adult so that communication is easier and stress free.
  • The AAC book must be carried along on outings, holidays, to work and at home.

AAC Book

Using AAC book to order in a hotel!

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