Together Foundation runs an FSSAI certified bakery and offers wonderful opportunities to train, earn and learn in such an exciting area. Our teaching programmes in the bakery are run by co-workers with inputs from a consultant chef.


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Guidelines for Bakery manufacturing and packaging

The primary requirement for working in the bakery is personal hygiene (using the washroom independently, washing hands independently, wearing a chef cap, wearing gloves where required, using a handkerchief when required). These are also skills that go a long way in helping a person get ready to integrate with an open work environment.

Level 1
When a person joins Together Foundation, he /she is given time to adapt to a new place, adhere to timings, code of conduct and absorb the multiple activities that go on in the centre.
Level 2
The adult is given an opportunity to observe and participate in every category of work, including and apart from the bakery.
Level 3
The adult is taught to maintain hygiene in bakery packaging. Beginning with box making, the programme scales up to secondary and primary packaging. With close supervision, adults learn to not touch/taste and follow the methods of packing different kinds of bakery products.
Level 4
The adult is taught to maintain hygiene while baking, assist co-workers and initially handles only dry ingredients.
Level 5
Specific participation in preparation of simple snacks and beverages in the bakery, following instructions in carrying out tasks as independently as possible.
Level 6
Learning to participate in groups while baking.
Level 7
Learning to work with co-workers and chefs independently.

Demo Videos

Packing without counting Level 3 Demo 1

Packing without counting Level 3 Demo 2

Packing without counting Level 3 Demo 3

Cookie packing Level 3 Demo 4

Cookie manufacturing Level 4

Chocolate bar manufacturing Level 7 Demo 2

Tea cake manufacturing Level 7 Demo 3

Cookie manufacturing Level 6

Cookie manufacturing Level 7 Demo 1

Teaching Programmes are conceptualised by Sangeetha Chakrapani, Founder/Chief Co-worker, Together Foundation. For feedback/questions, write to