Our Co-workers

We do not follow a formal student-teacher protocol at our centre. We strike a balance with our young adults, between nurturing an atmosphere of friendliness and emphasizing the need to follow a code of conduct. We also encourage and teach the art of co-existence with peers / co-workers.

Sangeetha Chakrapani – Chief Co-worker is mother to two teenage daughters with autism. She started learning about life with autism as an adult, in year 2009. She develops the teaching programmes and supervises operations at the Foundation.

Sheela Sinha is a veteran in the field of disabilities. She retired as Director – Education of Helen Keller Institute of Deaf and Deafblind. Ms. Sinha provides guidance in all aspects of the work we do and is an invaluable mentor to the  Foundation.

Rinal Karvat Lavonne is a Pastry Chef and Cake Artist based in Mumbai. She makes time for us on a weekly basis and formulates  recipes that our adults can prepare independently. She also directly supervises and assesses our adults at the centre.

Vinita Bangera is a Special Educator – Intellectual Disability. She works on Language and Commn., programme content and vocational training at the centre.

Gurunath Choughule has completed Diploma in Special Education – Intellectual Disability. He is in charge of Vocational activities, Shop and Data Entry.

Geeta Gaikwad is an Art graduate and completed her Diploma in Special Education – Intellectual Disability. She is in charge of the Bakery.

Shyam Bahadur is an undergraduate and assists in the data entry and vocational programmes at Together Foundation.

Avinash Singh has completed B.Com, BCA and D.ed in Special Education – Intellectual Disability. He works in Vocational Training.

Sachin Salvi is an undergraduate and trained at the bakery at Together Foundation for a year before joining us as Bakery Assistant.

Damini Kadam is an undergraduate . She assists the co-workers and adults at the Foundation in maintaining cleanliness and order.