Happiness, Safety and Independent Living

for people with autism and other intellectual disabilities.

Together Foundation is able to reach out to families across sections of society, thanks to support from : Rajani and Ramesh Tendulkar Charitable Trust, Perowshaw Dhunjishaw Bolton Charities, HT Parekh Foundation & TATA Investment Corporation Ltd.

 We have built a bridge made up of our skills. All you have to do is walk across.

Living happily ever after with autism !

Watch Sangeetha Chakrapani, Founder / Chief Co-worker, Together Foundation talk about her personal story with autism.

Children with autism grow up and become adults.

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All the teaching programmes at Together Foundation have been shared here for the benefit of people with autism. Every programme has been designed to prepare people with autism for independent living.

Every teaching programme has three components


Visual Schedule

Demo videos

Every teaching programme has three components


Visual Schedule

Demo videos

Online Teaching Program

We designed a curriculum for online teaching that would do justice to the requirements of our team members and engage, empower and invigorate them.

Language and Communication

Our language and communication programmes are aimed at preparing our adults for communicating with people apart from their parents, engaging with family members and being connected with the world around them.

Alternative and Augmentative Communication

We underwent training with Vidya Sagar Special Education Centre, Chennai in 2017. We adapted the learnings for people with autism and brought out the AAC book.


Make the adult comfortable and aware of events around him/her, empower communication skills and build language.

Phone Program

We realized that being able to stay connected with family members and loved ones is a critical part of empowering happiness and thus the phone program came in.


Together Foundation runs an FSSAI certified bakery and offers wonderful opportunities to train, earn and learn in such an exciting area. Our teaching programmes in the bakery are run by co-workers with inputs from a consultant chef.

The Shop

Our adults make a variety of fresh snacks to offer customers and learn a lot from interacting with them. The shop retails bakery products along with paper plates and paper bags. They also participate in sales and exhibitions.

Paper Plate

The Paper plate machine gives excellent opportunities for youngsters to set up their own small unit at home with their parents.

Paper Bag

Apart from block printing on Paper Bags, the young adults are also taught about threading the bag and tagging the labels.

Personal Hygiene

We have helped several families achieve independence in the important area of personal hygiene.

Watch our adults pay a unique tribute to our motherland.

We bring a special touch to the way an important day or event is celebrated.

Talktime = 

People who speak and people who communicate without speaking.