The Shop

Many parents feel disappointed that their adults, despite clearing school and college are not able to handle money. We often respond :

You walk into the smallest grocery shop, a departmental store or even a big supermarket. The number of employees who work at the cash box are always in single digit while there are multiple people working in other areas of the shop. Let us always focus on what we can do and enjoy and feel good about.


Evaluation Sheet

Guidelines for The Shop

Our adults make a variety of fresh snacks to offer customers and learn a lot from interacting with them. The shop retails bakery products along with paper plates and paper bags. They also participate in sales and exhibitions.

Level 1 – Getting the shop ready for the day, setting out products

Clean the Shop

  • Wipe the counters
  • Dry wipe
  • Wet wipe
  • Sweep the shop

Do the Display

  • Identify the product (category wise)
  • Arrange product in correct shelf- Bakery, eatery, Paper plates, Paper bags, Handicrafts etc.
  • Put up the menu card
  • Put up the sample boxes
  • Arrange handicrafts display
Level 2 – Basic exchange of greeting with customers and asking the customer to write down information
  • Greets the customer (teach the concept of smile)
  • Shows the menu
  • Give the customer book and ask to write name and number
Level 3 – Interaction with customers, what do you want
  • Greets the customer
  • Shows the menu
  • Talks about the products
  • Gives the product under supervision
  • Give the customer book and ask to write name and number
  • Says thank you to customer
Level 4 – Interacting with the customer and taking an order
  • Greets the customer
  • Shows the menu
  • What would you like to buy? (Verbal Group)
  • What would you like to buy? Use sign language with the picture (Non-verbal Group)
  • Customer will mark the chosen product with stickers
  • Handing Product to Customer
  • Student should ask for help from co-worker when required
  • Says thank you to customer
Level 5 – Calling shopkeeper to place an order
  • Dialing the phone number of the general store
  • Is the (Name of the store)
  • I am (name of the student) calling from Together Foundation, Poonam nagar
  • I want delivery, can you deliver
  • Please write down order (ready list of things along with quantity)
  • How much is the total? (note down the amount)
  • By when will you send
  • Please send a bill
  • Gives the center address
Level 6 – Identifying and handing over products with the appropriate packaging (Customer call)

Customer- Hello, Is this Together Foundation?
Student – Yes Sir/Madam

Customer – What products do you have?
Student – Names the products

Customer  – Are they eggless?
Student – All our products are eggless

Customer  – Where is your shop ?
Student – Gives the address

Customer  – Which cookies do you have?
Student – Lists the name of the cookies

Customer  – What is the cost of the cookies?
Student – Looks at the menu and reads out the price

Customer  – How will you pack these cookies?
Student – Explains packaging (with help if required)

Customer – Asks the total?
Student – Calculates with the help of calculator under supervision

Customer – When can I collect?
Student – Confirms order, takes help from co-worker and gives time.

Customer – How do I make a payment?
Student – Online and cash

Level 7 – Handling money and giving the required change
  • Identify currency.
  • Arranging money in the box.
  • Match currency.
  • Simple transaction without change.
  • Transaction with change.
  • Cost of each item.
  • Calculating total amount of product on calculator.
  • Calculate the change and return the amount
Level 8 – Participating in sales and exhibitions
  • Getting ready for a sale – Making sale file.
  • Putting all the materials required for sale (cash box, sale file, stationery, banner, packaging materials)
  • Arranging the table for displaying the products and packaging.
  • Arranging product.
  • Talking to customers about the products.

Evaluation sheet


This sheet helps a co-worker evaluate students in the following areas:

Correct information
Speaking clearly
Maintaining eye contact
Listening carefully
Teaching Programmes are conceptualised by Sangeetha Chakrapani, Founder/Chief Co-worker, Together Foundation. For feedback/questions, write to